Economic and technical brushes

Our company has been producing economic and technical brushes for almost 40 years. In our extensive offer you will find:

  • fiber brooms,
  • rod, sticks and brush weights,
  • brushes for rust,
  • butt brushes with thread,
  • butt brushes with a shank,
  • chimney brushes,
  • wheel brushes with thread,
  • disc brushes with hole,
  • disc brushes with a shank,
  • ramrod,
  • different widths,
  • scavengers made of horsehair and pigskin,
  • horse hair brushes.

Construction and scouring brushes

We also offer a wide range of building brushes, among others paint splashing pads and tar pitchers. We make them from coconut and PPN fibers. Setting them in wood guarantees durability for a long time. Our offer is supplemented with scouring brushes , which are made of abrasion-resistant PNN and PET fibers.

All products offered by us are made in a mechanical manner, which allows you to significantly reduce costs and offer you competitive pricing solutions. The use of horse and pigs hair, as well as PNN, PET and coconut fibers in their products increases their resistance and durability. In addition, wooden and multicolour plastic holders give them an aesthetic look


Rubbish all over the house, brush to sweep.
She is very obligatory at the same time, ready to look at all angles.
She has a very often changing nature, after work it combs a luxuriant hairstyle.
Let her dance, run, jump, go crazy, until she flakes.


We encourage you to take advantage of our offer. We provide timely implementation, attractive prices and professional advice and assistance.